To Blog, or not to Blog...

Upon telling a few people of my recent decision to acquire my own bit of cyberspace, and further my decision to adopt weblog (or "blogging", as it's known among the web savvy), I've been called on to explain just why I would do such a thing. Good question. This morning I gave my friend Ari a very philosophical answer about seeing the web as something more than just an e-commerce opportunity, but another world in which we all live. A virtual space in which part of ourselves live. So I might as well have a nice place to live, right? Hence, my own space... northspace. (I'll get to the North later).

This is turning into quite a good ramble, but to summarize, I thought of a few good reasons why I should have my own webspace (something different than just a "page" or a "site")...

  • It's cool
  • A good opportunity to explore new web practices that may be handy in my professional capacity

  • I'm a geek
  • I fancy myself something of a wannabe graphic designer, so it's a showcase to safely explore my minimal talents

  • Duh, it's still cool
  • I'm a fairly good writer, but email has become little more than a virtual to-do list for work, so this is a (poor) way of showing my friends and family that I'm still alive
  • I'm a geek, and thus have a load of cool, but geeky things to show off

But still the question, why a blog? I have to be honest, I don't see myself as a blog person. This is probably something that I'll do for a while and then forget about. So I really didn't see the content management (CM) system like Movable Type as an outlet to share my meaningless ravings with the 1 person out there who will accidentally stumble on this (hi Dad). Instead, for the very reason that I just can't be bothered to keep my web site updated, I thought a CM system would reduce that burden just enough. Even if I don't use it like a blog. (Plus, it's cool). Finally, I'm a bit of an obsessive-compulsive (or at least fickle), so this will be a way to give some attention to my latest obsession while letting the past ones slip to the archive.

Got it? Gooood. For my next trick, I'll figure out how to add a picture to these darned things.

Posted on February 19, 2003 and filed under Rambling.