Content, believe it or not

So the keen ones among the intrepid two of you that happen to be visiting my site may have noticed that there's not really much here yet. A few links over there on the right that look like they might go somewhere interesting, but in reality lead nowhere. Well, the plan was to try to get the design right at the start, and fill in the content as I had the time (and interest). I don't even know yet exactly what will get filled into those links. The usual collection of my likes and interests: something about me, movies, music, football, some photos, and the fine city of Rovaniemi. All in good time. As of now, I have added another cool piece of software to my website management system: Photo Gallery. Takes care of all the annoying drudgery of putting my digital photos online. My gallery still needs lots of work to integrate it into the rest of my site, but it's the picture's you're probably after anyway. Just click on photospace bit of a random selection so far... my vacation in Croatia and Italy last summer, some shots of my apartment as I was moving in, and a lone aerial photo of Iceland. More to come, I promise. More of the North, too. Greenland, Baffin, Sakha, Svalbard, Murmansk. Been there, done that.

Feel free to comment on the pictures, too. (As I will feel free to DELETE them).

Posted on March 1, 2003 and filed under Photos, Site Design.