Outstanding DVDs

B00008OIWF.jpgWell, not outstanding in the sense of "really-great" (well, actually in that sense too), but outstanding in the sense of not yet available on DVD. When I first started collecting DVDs it was early days, and many of my favourites weren't yet released yet on the exciting new digital format. Five years on and most everything can be had on the shiny discs, but a few big titles (Star Wars, anyone?) and several of my favourite obscurities remain unreleased. Much to my surprise, I discovered that my favourite movie of all time, Tom Stoppard's brilliant classic Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, was available as a Region 2 disc. So that crosses off my #1 outstanding DVD, so what better opportunity to list my remaining discs.

Danger: Diabolik: A great cult-fave, full of stylish camp. I caught this one at a B-movie fest in Jyväskylä a couple years ago for a midnight showing. Ultra-slick.

Becket: One of the great historical romps, starring Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton. Strangely, I could have sworn that I ordered this on DVD last month, but it seems I confused it with the equally great The Lion in Winter, with Peter O'Toole in the same role as Henry II.

Gaslight: A very cool movie, but I'm not really sure if it's good-good, or just wickedly amusing. I first discovered this moving watching David Letterman years ago, who had Angela Lansbury on as a guest. He mentioned Gaslight, and did a creepy-silly impersonation of Charles Bowyer's "Paula, Paula, Paula...". Even if the suspense is a bit dated (dare I say, hokey?), the visuals and characters give this total class. Here's a short list of other DVD releases that I'm still eagerly anticipating:

Posted on June 27, 2003 and filed under Flicks.