Mayhem and Carnage: SOLDAT

soldat_screenshot.gifWho needs fully immersive 3D shaders and lighting effects, next generation AI, and real-world physics engines? I've gotten a bit hooked on a deceptively simple shareware 2D shooter called Soldat. The action is frenetically fast pace, with bullets and body parts flying across the screen, and the little toy soldiers respawning in a constant stream of mass destruction. There's a wide array of weapons available, everything from pistols to a Minigun, with secondary weapons like knives, and my personal favourite: the chainsaw (perfect for slicing through a pack of enemies). The maps remind me of a pen-and-paper game my cousin Todd and I used to play, with movement and shots determined by skipping a pencil mark across the paper with one finger. How far we've come (not far, apparently).

Posted on July 6, 2003 and filed under Games.