Scott in Scotland

callanish.jpgBig 'allo to all my followers at Lews Castle College in Stornoway, Scotland, especially my new mate John Smith (r, in photo). Thought they'd need some new content to spare them from boredom. I've just returned from a fine trip to the Scottish 'highlands and islands', mostly way out on the Isle of Lewis. Along the way there was much whiskey tasted and even managed to climb Ben Nevis while I was at it. In honour of my trip, I've also added a feed from The Scotsman to NewsSpace. Turns out The Scotsman has one of the best RSS feed services I've ever seen.

In other Scottish news, Fury as church hit by graffiti vandals. Apparently some dysfunctional youth sprayed an Aberdeen church with the word "The Famicon". Quote: "Police have confirmed they are searching for the culprits - but are unable to shed any light on the meaning of 'The Famicom'." Well coppers, it's the original name of the Nintendo- FAMIly COMputer. Where's my reward? Jeez, somebody should teach these guys about Google.

Posted on September 4, 2003 and filed under Travel.