Yukon Ho!

The first leg of the Canadian adventure is over. Despite the lovely image here (click for a larger view), I had only a limited opportunity to view the wonderous Yukon wilderness. For the most part I was stuck in a hotel having endless meetings from breakfast til late at night. Now I'm firmly ensconsed in my parents basement, and trying to cram in some visits on weekends and evenings. Plus of course doing an ungodly amount of shopping. I managed to drop several hundred on CDs and clothes in my first couple hours downtown. No regrets, tho. All great stuff, for example...

Definitely gotta check out the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. No other way to say it than they ROCK! Well, I could say it another way, like The Stooges-influenced balls-to-the-floor guitar riffs, layered with sweaty Chicago-blues and Blondiesque vocals.

Posted on November 18, 2003 and filed under Photos, Travel, Tunes.