Going Mobile

Thanks to Kevin Cameron's fab little MFOP and the eXcell SMS-to-Email gateway I'm now in the moblogging business. I can now send text messages from my phone straight to my website. Why would I want to do this, you may ask? Because I can and because it's cool (oh yeah, and because I'm a super-geek). In practice, this might be handy during my trip to Barcelona over New Years. I'll be without regular net access, so I can briefly keep my legions of faithful readers up to date on what I'm up to. Another benefit is that it might make it so easy to post a new entry that I'll do it more regularly. My mobile posts will look like this (until I further embellish the style) but shorter (limited by the 160 character SMS limit).

Once I get one of those new-fangled camera phones with multimedia messaging, the fun will really begin, as I'll be able to post pictures to the site from wherever I happen to be travelling.

Posted on December 19, 2003 and filed under Mobile.