More Site Changes

Another sleepless night in the coldest and longest nights of the year. What better time to make and document changes to the website. I'm quickly realizing that I'm making a website about... making a website, as much as anything else. And I should finally admit that Movable Type is more than just an easy way for me to keep my site updated and organized. I'm bloggin and I need to accept that. So after the small addition of the MTAmazon plugin, I thought that it should be a piece of cake to add Amazon API links to the MovieSpace DVD collection, which is based on Ugo Scarlati's phpDVD.

As I commented on Carol Ou's rawbrick weblog, it's actuall working, but still very much a work in progress. Once I get it so the data that's now being fed "live" from the Amazon site gets cached in a local MySQL database, things will run a lot smoother. I've also implemented Trackbacks. Don't know why I was afraid of them before. Seems about time, now that I'm engaged in this great game of borrowing and sharing blog development ideas. So far (obviously) no trackbacks, but I did noticed that I'm trackbacked from Wil Wheaton's Strong Bad entry, which is kinda cool.

I'm also going to add yet another plugin. This time Collect. It will give me a dynamic list of links in the sidebar that I've recently referenced in my entries.

And just to further the Tunes rotation, I'll mention that I picked up Saint Etienne's Finisterre from the library. It's okay, but not as good as Good Humour.

Posted on December 24, 2003 and filed under Site Design, Tunes.