Visit from the Bro

107_0710.JPGGreg made the trip up to the wilds of Lapland in the middle of winter- fresh off his success in Munich at the BMW tech competition where he and his teammate placed fourth out of 37 international teams. So we had a whirlwind trip around Lapland in the four days he was here, cramming in quite a lot of activities. Besides the mandatory trip to Santa Claus, we took a trip up north to Luosto, where the temps hovered around 30 C for our hike. Then south to Kemi to see the Snow Castle and the Snow Show exhibition. We saw the Rovaniemi part of the Snow Show on Friday before heading to Tivoli for the annual Beach Party/Rantafestarit. He only had time to pack and grab a quick shower before taking off at 6am this morning.

Was a great time. Come back soon, Greg!

Posted on February 14, 2004 and filed under General.