Using Amazon API to populate my DVD database

Well ain't this just cool. MovieSpace is now near completion, now that I have completely overhauled the PHP of Ugo Scarlata's phpDVD to pull data from Amazon's catalogue. I first I created a script to add ASIN (Amazon's product ID) and an image link to my existing DVD database by doing a keyword search on the title. This filled in most of the information I wanted, but it was only accurate about 75% of the time. Because there might be four different versions of say, Alien, in Amazon's catalogue, the first result often wasn't the version that I own. This is where the real sweetness comes in. I then modified the edit page to pull up to eight matches from Amazon. A link the populate's the update fields with the data from Amazon, so all I have to do is pick the version that I own and the entry gets updated with the right information.

I'm no PHP expert, so my coding is pretty patchwork, but if anybody is interested in seeing how I did this, drop me a line. If there's enough demnd (doubtful), I'll post the PHP source code.

For those interest in some good background reading on how to pull-off something like this, check out this sample chapter of Mining Amazon Web Services.

Posted on March 14, 2004 and filed under Site Design.