Spring Is Here

ButterflyAh melting snow, gravel-covered sidewalks, the smell of six months' of dog poo melting, and butterflies on the balcony... it must be spring! Looks like there still might be a chance to head out on the ski trails this weekend, but not too much time left before winter tucks its head between its legs for another year. Easter is just around the corner too, and then the wonderful socialist worker / student celebration / rite of spring / drunken boozefest known as Vappu. Wonderful. With any luck, shortly thereafter I'll be winging my way to Fairbanks, AK, in the U.S.A. (trying my best not to run afoul of George Dubya's minions). A short stop in the old town of Vancouver is on the books too. So watch out my old dearies!

Enjoy the sunshine! (and as of last week I have more than any of you, for a change).

Posted on April 2, 2004 and filed under General.