Vappu Weekend: Survived

vappuhat.jpgFinland at its best: drop-dead drunk and urinating in the streets. Well, my stamina not being what it once was, this year's Vappu celebrations were a mild-mannered single night. Vapunaatto was spent in the more-or-less traditional manner. Having some drinks with friends here there and everywhere, winding up (shockingly) at Tivoli. BTW, that's is clearly a stolen lakki, as I obviously haven't graduated from Finnish lukio. Saturday brought a rather new kind of tradition, making sushi with smoked whale meat (brought from Tromsø), fresh tuna, and BBQ salmon skin (BC roll). Bruce had a nice Vappu party, and I was recruited to make sushi for 10. Next year: sous-chefs! I barely made it to sauna.

Posted on May 3, 2004 and filed under Finland.