Way out West

Fairbanks Vancouver 2004 003.jpgHi all, I've been hanging out in western North America for the past couple weeks (Fairbanks, AK and Vancouver, BC to be precise), which may explain my brief absence that none of you have noticed. Wrapped up my last UArctic meeting in Fairbanks, and began my new research "career" at ICASS V: the International Arctic Social Science Association's 5th triennial congress. All good fun, and my paper seemed to be well received. Nice to see some old familiar faces, and meet some new ones as well. Plus I managed to survive my first post-911 experience in the US ok. Spent my birthday week seeing some friends and family in Vancouver and catching up on some shopping. Nice. I also checked out my brother's new pad in trendy Yaletown. Heading back North to Lapland on Tuesday, and back to what I call "normal".

Posted on May 31, 2004 and filed under Travel, Tunes.