Return to Moblogging

Well, after bringing back my phone from the dead (twice in three months!), I'm ready to start moblogging again. To tell the truth, writing blog entries from my camera phone has never worked that successfully. Probably a combination of the fact that I don't "blog" that often, so there's no pressing need to submit an entry during those extremely rare occassions when I'm away from an internet connection. The other difficulty is that MFOP refuses to add the title to my entries. Something about the formatting that gets stripped away when I send from my phone. So just ignore the entry below. I'm hoping MFOP's creator, Kevin Cameron, can check things out and set me straight.

For now, I'm using another of Brad Choate's excellent MT plugins, MTIfEmpty to generate a fake title, but it's far from a perfect solution as it doesn't actually create a value for $MTEntryTitle, but just puts something else where it would otherwise go.

Posted on August 25, 2004 and filed under Blogging, Photos, Site Design.