Hell Yeah

Mfop's refusal to save my entry titles hats caused me to search for a replacement. Tho I think the weird inability of my phone to send an email subject line might skewer that on Flickr too. But it looks like another cool toy. UPDATE: So after having this phone for almost a year I actually figured out how to insert a subject line into an MMS message. Now I'll see if Flickr is any better than MFOP for my moblog. For now,time for bed.

UPDATE UPDATE: Thanks to Jay, Marc, Teemu, Kristyn, and dad I actually managed to get a three-month trial Pro membership. I guess this means I can start uploading bigger files! Flickr haven't announced their price structure yet, and I don't know what the eventual bandwidth use will look like, but this should make the transition easier anyway. Five successful invites in less than 12 hours. Thanks guys!

Posted on September 21, 2004 and filed under Photos.