Is there something vaguely incestuous about the fact that most of my blog posts lately have been about the site itself, or blogging in general? Seems that the only times it occurs to me to post something I want to share is when I'm making an improvement to the site, so I guess that's natural. So, the latest toy is w.bloggar, a handy little app for posting blog entries to Movable Type (and any other blog platform, for that matter). Why would I need such a thing when it's dead easy to make an entry from the browser window? Well, I wasn't sure myself, but a few little details like HTML and format editing tools, being able to insert links with a right mouse click, and a spell checker (tho I couldn't believe "blog" wasn't in its dictionary!) are two nice touches. The preview pane is alright, but would be better if it used my blog's formatting css (but I guess it would need to dig into my template somehow). So far, so recommended. Give it a try.

Posted on September 21, 2004 and filed under Blogging.