Another Day, Another Site Addition

I've now simplified my "Media Consumption" sideblog somewhat. Originally all entries, including those to put new media in my reading, listening, and watching lists were all put in my main blog. This meant I could talk about the latest Coen brothers film at length (not that I ever did), or just put the title in the keywords, and it would pop into place in the sideblog. So that the "blank" entries for media rotation only didn't appeared only in the sideblog in the main blog indexes and archives, I employed a rather clumsy set of MTCategory plugin includes and excludes. Sure, it did the job, but something more elegant was called for. Of course, I knew that I could use the MTOtherBlog plugin to do the trick. So now I've created a separate weblog for media consumption, but instead of using MTOtherBlog, I've just used a simple server side include to stick in the index generated from the new blog. Where OtherBlog does come in handy is allowing me to include entries from my main blog in my sideblog. A bit backwards, I know, but it works to good effect. This way if I do make a full entry about a book, CD, or movie it will get picked up in media consumption without having to create a duplicate sideblog entry for it. Class.

UPDATE: Or not so class. It seems MTOtherBlog doesn't behave well with


when I select multiple blogs. So when I want to get one (1) entry from two (2) blogs I instead get one (1) entry from each, for a total of two (2). Not what I wanted, but I can see how a silly PERL script could get confused. Switching around the nesting order doesn't seem to make any difference. Back to the drawing board. Any ideas?

Posted on September 24, 2004 and filed under Flicks, Site Design.