Valtion Pukutehdas going out of business

One of my favourite stores in Rovaniemi and indeed, one of the coolest things about Finland has been the state clothing factory, or VPU Pukutehdas, and their Boreus clothing line. Valtion Pukutehdas was a state-owned company that made uniforms for the armed forces, and other state agencies, but they also made some of the best outdoor clothing. The store in Rovaniemi was conveniently situated on my way to work, and I would frequently be drawn in by a new sweater or fleece. Most of the stores have already closed, and the Rovaniemi shop will close for good on Nov 27. The thing that really cheeses me off about this, besides losing one of the great things about living in Rovaniemi, was that, as MTV3 reports, the company wasn't having any financial difficulty. It seems that the government didn't want to be in that business anymore, and couldn't find a buyer so the entire staff was laid off. I only hope someone will step in and pick up the production again. Until then, I'm spending what's left of my pay-cheque to get as much Boreus stuff from their going-out-of-business sale.

Posted on November 2, 2004 and filed under Finland.