Catching Up

Maria Irene Snowball

It's occurred to me several times over the last couple months that I should really post something on my blog (oh no, now I've admitted that I'm a blogger). Trouble was, that after a bit of a break nothing I thought to post on seemed blog-worthy. Time goes by, and the pressure builds to have something terribly interesting to say. So I decided to solve that by having positively nothing interesting to say. Instead I offer a short summary of what I've been up to in the past while:

  • our project received over €200,000 in funding from the Finnish Academy, which will provide me with PhD funding for the next three years. Yay.

  • the first action of our research project will be a very Arctic trip to the International Studies Association annual conference-- in Honolulu, Hawaii. Yay again.
  • I spent Christmas in Keminmaa with Piia and her family. No pressure. :roll:
  • Traditional Lapland new years at mökki just up north a bit, with Kirsi & Agustin, Bruce & Anna, Joni & Heli, Riikka & Arto, etc, etc. Nice weather, good Spanish food, sauna, fireworks... and kids.
  • Attended the wedding of local member of parliament Jari Vilén to Piia's friend Janina. Rubbing shoulders with celebrities, but alas no pictures of us in the tabloids. I promise worse behaviour next time.
  • I just finished a draft of my paper for the ISA conference, "Indigenous self-determination in Finland: A case study in normative change," that should become the first article for my PhD

Well, now that you're all caught up I can return to other more eclectic matters of equal or less interest to the general population. Enjoy!

Posted on January 22, 2005 and filed under General.