My New PVR Rig (in progress)

Having fine-tuned my digital jukebox to within an inch of its life (now streaming my tunes over the internet using SlimServer, btw) I'm on to the next project.... a Pentium M (well, Celereon M actually)-based PVR (personal video recorder) or HTPC (home theater PC), or whatever. So far this week, I've acquired three pieces of my new rig on

So all I need now is the case and mobo (motherboard). There are currently three Pentium/Celeron M Socket 479M micro-ATX motherboards on the market. The DFI model is way overpriced (€285), so it's down to the AOpen i855 GMEm-LFS or the new Soltek SL-855GEI-FDGR. Both look to have about the same features, but the Soltek could be a bit cheaper and has built-in SPDIF digital audio, so it's probably the better deal. Unfortunately, there's only one retailer listing it now.

I also need to choose a case. Part of me likes the cheap home-built HTPC case here. Only about €20, but no PSU and takes low-profile PCI cards. Or I could wait to see if I can find an Enermax 10068 on Ebay.

I'll let you know how it all turns out this time.

Posted on February 4, 2005 and filed under Geek Gear.