My New PVR Rig (part 2)

All the pieces have come together. The AOpen mobo and a Codegen MS-32-C9 Micro-ATX case are on their way from Germany as we speak. And while I was at work today, I "acquired" an old 6GB 2.5 hard drive (ok, John's old Dell had busted and he was cannibalizing it for scraps). So I can swap this into the external USB case to use as a portable hard drive, and use the 30GB in the new rig for local storage. The real trick now will be to see whether I can get away with using only the 60W "brick" external DC-DC PSU that came with my Mini-ITX case. It'll probably be close with only the mobo, Celeron M 330, a low-voltage IBM Travelstar drive, and a 256 stick of DDR memory. The next trick comes in how to turn the old Mini-ITX "mediaserver" into a plain old server. I'll need to get a new case and PSU (swapped from the Codegen if the new rig works on 60W) for the extra drives. I can stick this one in a closet, so it can be a bit noisier, but I still want it low-power since it will be on 24/7. The idea here is to put a few big 3.5" drives that will act as network storage for the PVR. I'll swap out the existing 120GB drive from the Mini-ITX mediaserver and probably add a 250GB drive later. Mind you, the LaCie Porsche-designed 250GB USB 2.0drive looks sweet and is a bargain at €153,90 from Verkkokauppa.

Posted on February 5, 2005 and filed under Geek Gear.