Damn Germans

So I got both a nice and nasty surprise in my mailbox today. Two postal notices. One was for my TV card, which is great because I was really starting to worry since I hadn't heard from the guy I bought it from on EBay in two weeks since I transferred the money. Thought I was going to have to call the polizei. :) I just picked it up and installed it in my Mini-ITX system. Still installing the software, but it looks really cool. I'm sure the system is way underpowered for use as a PVR, but it will be interesting to see if it can cope (thus making my upgrade to the Pentium M system rather needless). The nasty surprise was the other notice. This time not from the local post office, but from DHL in Helsinki, who want another €34 to deliver the package that I already paid the company to deliver. What kind of a freakin racket is that? So that basically toasts the cost savings I had by ordering it from Germany instead of Finland. Live and learn I suppose. The good news is that my entire system should be ready in a week!

Posted on February 11, 2005 and filed under Geek Gear.