Or not?

After struggling for most of the weekend, I finally got my TV card working just after I made the last post. Whoo-hoo! So far, only MTV3, MTV3+, Nelonen, SubTV, and Urheilukanava. No YLE channels or Nelonen Plus (yet), and no EPG. But progress is good, it gives me hope. For any others in Lapland struggling with the same thing, here's my channel listings file (.chl format) that you can use in Cinergy Digital or Sceneo/Meedio. I'll keep it updated as I find more channels.

In other rig-related news, the post just came and it looks like my Celeron M processor has arrived. I expect the mobo and case in the next day or two also, so I should be in business before you know it! Now I'm just wondering about getting a new video card and some RAM...

Posted on February 15, 2005 and filed under Geek Gear.