System Build Log, pt3: Installing


So far so good. Windows XP is installing. There was a brief moment of crisis when some BIOS alarm started screaming at me. Turns out I had installed the CPU fan to the "system" (read case) fan plug. Although the fan was getting the right power, the system didn't know that and freaked out (quite rightly, I suppose).

Once all looks copacetic, I have to dismantle the whole thing again so I can get the fan to fit. I'll never get a Codegen case again. Rather shoddy. The mobo mounting pins are all poorly threaded, and I had the tightest time ever just installing the mobo (this includes much larger ATX and smaller Mini-ITX systems).

Another big oops is that the memory module from my Mini-ITX system that I was planning to use temporarily is incompatible SDRAM. No biggie this time, as I just swapped out a 256mb DDR module from my main computer. But it looks like I'll need to upgrade to a 512 module soonish. On the bright side, my third system (the Mini-ITX) remains fully functional since I didn't cannabalize its RAM.

There's also a nasty whine coming from the 8GB 2.5" drive. These things are supposed to be silent!!! If it doesn't get any better inside the case, I'm switching it with my 30GB portable drive. I can't imagine needing more than 8GB portable storage anyway.

Posted on February 22, 2005 and filed under Geek Gear.