More Storage and Backup

My shopping priorities in Honolulu were probably a bit different than most tourists. Insteading of sensibly heading to the beach like most of my colleagues, I went walking to the outskirts of downtown in search of CompUSA. Kid in a candy store, I tell ya. Luckily I had already scouted out what I wanted beforehand, the LaCie USB 250GB External Hard Drive . It's designed by F.A. Porsche, though it really just looks like a metal brick. After speaking to several clueless minimum-wage drones, I finally found a tech guy there who was able to assure me (by opening the box) that the power supply indeed accepts 110-220 VAC power, so I could use it in Finland. Came to about $195usd, which is about €100 cheaper than I could have got in Europe. Works great so far. My only small issue is that the drive stays "on" after the computer shuts down, unless I manually switch it off in the back. It would be nice if there was at least an option in the firmware to automatically switch on/off the drive with the computer via the USB signal. I can already hear Jay channelling Irv: "250 gigs?!? What do you need 250 gigs for?" Well, I figure that I'll use about half the drive for backing up files from my various computers, and half for video storage from the PVR. So I'm beginning to evaluate automatic backup software. Right now I'm looking at LIUtilities WinBackup and Dantz Retrospect Professional. Anyone have any good/bad experiences with these or other programs?

Posted on March 9, 2005 and filed under Geek Gear.