Offline Blogging Tools revisited

Last year I ranted a bit about the sad range of "not ready for primetime" offline blogging clients (All Offline Blogging Tools Suck). I've been mixing it up between Zempt and w.Bloggar, but using the default MT web interface more often than not. It seems that there has been some progress since then, and a couple of nice tools that I hadn't caught in my earlier post. Rather than launch in with my own reviews, I'll just point you to a nice summary at Oh Fucking Well. The pick so far seems to be BlogJet, which I'm using to write this entry. Nice interface, and has the basic feature, and set up nicely with its own Firefox extension. Have to wait and see whether I’d spend $39.95 on this, when similar competitors are free. MTClient, which has the advantage (for me anyway) of being MT only also looks pretty good, but unfortunately lacks a preview. All in all, I'd say the situation hasn’t progressed much since last year. All of the main contenders seem to fall short in one critical area, and the killer offline blog app has yet to be written. In other site news, every post now has a link to a Technorati search, so you can see if anyone has actually blogged about anything I've posted. I know that is rather unlikely at this point, but I have decided to finally accept my own blogness, and attempt to engage more fully with some of the engaging conversations that are happening across the blogosphere. Getting into Technorati is just the first step.

In a final piece of site-related news, I seem to have broken something significant in MT while playing around with dynamic page publishing. Now I’m getting all sorts of frustrating

Premature end of script headers 

on my mt.cgi. I can't be bothered to waste any more time on it, and I'll just wait until MT 3.2, which should be out this month.

Posted on July 4, 2005 and filed under Blogging.