I'm Watching "The National"

cbc-NewsLogo.jpgThere are a number of things that I miss from Canada, apart from my friends and family, of course. Initially it was Snapple and bagels. But after almost eight years, I realize that I'm loosing touch with Canada. And I've also realized that one of the things I'm missing is The National on CBC. Barabara Frum, Knowlton Nash, Peter Mann on Canada's national nightly newscast have defined for me and Canadians of my generation who we are and how we see and interact with the world. I remember reading with a bit of smug pride when Wallpaper* magazine called The National "the best news broadcast in North America." Of course, this was at the beginning of the Iraq war and I had just seen my first glimpse of Fox News, the most watched news channel in the US (with CNN racing to the sensational right just to keep up the ratings). With that leading the quality of American news, one can hardly be surprised at this verdict, but it's still a nice thing to be recognized. Last night was another hot and bright night here on the Arctic Circle, and I was having trouble sleeping. It occurred to me that I could catch up on what was happening in Canada, and remembered that I had seen that the CBC had The National in full video on its site. It just so happened that the broadcast was from last Friday... Canada Day. I was immediately reminded why I love Canada so much (and also why it can be so annoyingly frustrating). I'm not moving back yet, but I'm going to try to watch most nights I can. The quality is pretty good, and come across well on my mediacentre, so I can watch it on a real TV. It goes online at 11:30pm eastern time, which is 6:30am here, but I think I'll still going to watch it before bed, even though it will be last night's news by then. After all, I can get up-to-date news online whenever I like. This is about reconnecting with something else.

Posted on July 6, 2005 and filed under Canada.