La setmana d'idiomes

Language Week<disclaimer>I apologize in advance for this misguided attempt at writing in Catalan.</disclaimer> 

Bon dia! Em dic l'Scott i jo sóc del Canadà, però visc en a Finlàndia. Moltes gràcies a Stuart Mudie, un blogger escocès de la que viu a Paris (i de la que abans vivia a Barcelona abant). Stuart m'ha escrit ahir i per suggerir escriure que escrigui en català. Jo vull saludar a en> Marc i a tots els amics meus a la Barcelona. Visca els campions i visca  Catalunya Lliure!

Translation (or "what I wanted to say"): Good day! My name is Scott and I'm from Canada, but I live in Finland. Thanks to Stuart Mudie, a Scottish blogger from Paris (and from Barcelona before that). Stuart wrote me yesterday and suggested that I write in Catalan. I'd like to say hello to Marc and to all my friends in Barcelona. Long live the champions and long live free Catalunya!

It was on Stuart's that I found out about both Qumana and Language Week. Good finds! Now his punishment is to be subjected to my beginner Catalan. Well, hopefully neither he nor Marc (nor any of you catalanes) mind helping me fix my mistakes. I promise to leave the amendments in the post as part of the learning process.

Posted on July 6, 2005 and filed under Blogging, Language.