Where is Hill Street Blues?

hillstreet4.gifOne of those shows that simply revolutionized television, Hill Street Blues was one of the first real 'adult' shows that I got to watch when I was growing up. Hill Street set the standard for prestige shows like ER and NYPD Blue that would follow it. Instead of police officers as one-dimensional crime-fighting heroes, the cops of TheHill were presented as complex and flawed humans. With there being such a dearth of quality new TV drama on today, I got to thinking that I'd much rather watch the whole series of Hill Street Blues again than anything that's on now. My quick search surprised me. It's not available at all on DVD! There has to be a market for this. We 30+ somethings buy just as many DVDs as the Dawson's Creek set, so where are our deluxe box sets, I ask you? Yet, I can't even find an online petition to get it on DVD. The 'not yet published page' for it at Amazon is full of praise for the show, and similar frustration at its lack of a proper DVD release.

Posted on July 28, 2005 and filed under Television.