Da Vinci's Inquest

While I'm on the subject of great police/crime dramas, I really missDa Vinci's Inquest. It only started in Canada after I left, but they actually started showing it in Finland (Da Vincin murhatutkimukset) a while back. When I first came across it I totally dismissed it. A quality drama... from Canada? Yeah right. By the time I finally started watching it I was amazed at how good it was. Da Vinci is the antithesis of American tough-guy cop show heroes, and the plotlines delve into social issues most US shows would never touch. (I especially loved the episode that highlights the issue of a safe injection site in the Downtown Eastside where Da Vinci goes down to Pigeon Park to buy drugs for a suspect holed up inside a squat in order to lure him out safely. Like that could happen in a US cop show.) As in Hill Street Blues, the characters are no saints, especially homicide detective Mick Leary (Ian Tracey).

So after getting hooked on this show, it disappeared from YLE (Finland's public broadcaster). A note on their FAQ says 'The acquisition of new episodes of Da Vinci's Inquest for YLE TV2 is being considered. In any case, the series is not yet returning in the near future' ("Da Vincin murhatutkimukset -sarjan uusien jaksojen hankintaa harkitaan YLE TV2:ssa. Sarja ei kuitenkaan palaa ohjelmistoon vielä lähiaikoina.") Bugger.

There's no sign of any episodes available to download from the likes of eMule, and only Season 1 is available on DVD. I guess I'll have to console myself with that instead of new episodes. Any of my Canadian friends and family feel like getting it for me (my birthday was only two months ago)?

Update (09.08.05): As if I could really wait for you lot. The first season DVD set arrived from Amazon.ca today. Nearly ten hours of Da Vinci goodness awaits! Don't call me for a while.

Posted on July 29, 2005 and filed under Canada, Television.