WordPress: Biting the Bullet

What the hell happened? Well, my patience with Movable Type or at least my own installation of Movable Type finally reached breaking point, and I've "upgraded" to WordPress. I really never thought I would, but after enough farting around trying to get my broken MT installation to work like I wanted it to, I gave up and opted for a solution that should just work. Don't get me wrong, I really like Movable Type, and wished we could have made our relationship work, but frankly it was getting way to bloated and confusing to manage. I won't go into all of the differences between WordPress and Movable Type, because others have already done that. Turns out it is fairly trivial to move from one to the other, and WordPress installation really is dead easy. So now all my blog entries are in WordPress, and all the old permalinks from MT should also be intact. However, you'll note that the old NorthSpace we all knew and loved is missing. This is clearly the biggest hurdle in the migration process, converting my old MT templates into WordPress. Hopefully this will get done gradually in the next week or so, so thanks for your patience. I'll update more as I go along.

Posted on August 1, 2005 and filed under Blogging, Site Design.