Threadless Submission - Permafrost PollutionCame across a very cool t-shirt site called Threadless. I had been about to set up my own shop at SpreadShirt, so I could upload my own designs and get professionally printed custom t-shirts. But that all seems like more trouble than it's worth, so I think I'll leave the designing to the "professionals" (or at least amateurs with more time and talent than me). Threadless is more than just an online t-shirt shop, of course. It's very Web 2.0, as an ongoing interactive t-shirt design competition, blog, and more. Very nice community atmosphere and a constant stream of new designs coming in all the time. The successful designs get printed for a limited time, which also makes the designs more collectible. You can vote on which ones you like, and ask for re-prints of out of print shirts. I really want this polar bear shirt (it would be great to wear to our seminar on global change in the Arctic), so get over there and request it.

Posted on September 3, 2005 and filed under General.