More Arctic science t-shirts at Threadless Submission - where can i go?There seem to be a good number of Arctic-themed designs showing up at Threadless lately. The polar bear in the melting sea ice was a pretty nice image of global change in the Arctic. It's still not available, so get over there and start requesting it. But there is a similar idea with Where Can I Go? No sea ice = no polar bears. When I saw Ecotone, I immediately thought of Bruce. As much of his research involves looking at the effects of oil and gas development on reindeer herding in Siberia, what could be more perfect than this? Reindeer... oil refinery. Sure, it could just as easily be a caribou on the North Slope of Alaska, but same message, right? Submission - Ecotone

Don't let Brucie down. He needs this shirt!

Posted on September 20, 2005 and filed under North.