New Kate Bush Single

King of the MountainI just heard the new Kate Bush single, "King of the Mountain" on Radio Helsinki, and I must say it's an impressive return to her 1980's form after her disappointing last couple albums and 12-year hiatus. The tribal drums rumbling through the beat give it the same wild animal instinct of "Hounds of Love" or "Running Up That Hill." And her trademark voice sounds as good as ever. I probably would have bought her upcoming double-album "Ariel" (available Nov 7) sight-unseen ("sound-unheard"?), but now I'm truly excited about its release. In what seems to be a more and more common practice, the track is available now as an internet-only download (iTunes and others), and only later (Oct 7) as a CD single.

Posted on September 30, 2005 and filed under Tunes.