Makkara kurssi

A group of us got together last night for a sausage-making course at the Martta organization ("founded in 1899 to promote the quality and standard of life in the home. It also carries out cultural and civic education"). There were ten of us, and five different sausage recipes: American breakfast, Italian fennel, reindeer, mushroom and pork, and Christmas. As I guessed, sausage making is both fun and messy. Although we were using improvised devices like sliced-up plastic ketchup bottles, I'm hoping for something a little more high-tech.

So I'll leave you with a rather flavourful recipe for joulumakkara (Christmas sausage), that is flavoured rather like mulled wine or Christmas cake.

300g laihaa sianlihaa 300g naudanlihaa 300g silavaa 1dl madeiraa 1/2dl konjakkia rohouittua mustapippuria 1/2tl jauhettua neilikkaa 1/2tl jauhettua inkivääriä 1/2 jauhettua kanelia 2dl korintteja suolaa

Posted on December 8, 2005 and filed under Finland, General.