Travel Tips

I fly back to Vancouver on Tuesday, so I'm getting myself ready to go this weekend. Lifehacker has a bunch of great travel tips that I'll try to put to use this time to smooth things along. Packing used to mean remembering things like rain gear and comfortable walking shoes, but with our ultra-modern lifestyles, trip preparation increasingly means making sure your media is travelling with you as well. Since I haven't broken down and bought a portable video player yet, I'll be putting a few tv shows and movies on my laptop and a bunch of tunes, podcasts and Teach Yourself Catalan on my mp3 player. One of the reader tips on Lifehacker was to use Slogger to store some web articles offline to read. While this is a a great application and idea, I think I'll save my laptop battery for video enjoyment and do my reading in traditional book and magazine form. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about copying any more media for the trip than what I'll need in transit, since I can now use either FTP or Orb to access my whole collection online.

As for all that 'traditional' packing, I'm using the Universal Packing List to make sure I don't forget rain gear or comfortable walking shoes because I was too distracted with gadgets and media. Not only does it create a great custom packing list, it includes loads of other practical tips like:

  • Wash the dishes
  • Make a lunch
  • Empty all trash cans
  • Confirm airline tickets
  • Memorize PIN codes to credit cards

Now I have to stop blogging and start packing!

Posted on December 17, 2005 and filed under Organization, Travel.