CD Label Printing Service?

Despite being a pretty serious gadget freak, I'm often shockingly behind the times for de rigeur pieces of kit. To wit, I only got my first digital camera two years ago. I only got a DVD drive this year (and I still don't have a DVD burner). The killer is that the last printer I owned was a HP 500C. Now, don't get me wrong, this baby was cutting edge colour technology for like 1990 (my dad is still using it, although he wants me to get him a new one this Christmas). How is it, you ask, that a wired guy like me can have survived for so long without a printer? Most of what I need a printer for is for work (articles, reports, drafts, notes, etc) and maybe a few 'personal' items once in a while pass through the network lasers, but to be honest not really that much. My print demands are pretty low. Those times I've found myself wanting a nice print of a photo I've taken, I've used a photo printing service here in Rovaniemi ( Considering the exploitative pricing of inkjet cartridges, paying 0.20€ for a nice glossy professionally printed photo is a bargain. So really the only printing need I have that is not being met is making CD covers and labels for my mixes for friends.

So why aren't there many services out there that specialize in doing one-off CD covers and labels. It could be a natural extension of existing photo printing services? It's really just another format and paper stock. Users could upload files in common CD label software file formats (Roxio, Acoustica) and receive professional grade covers for their mixes in the mail. It seems such services exist elsewhere, but does anyone know of anyone in Finland who does this? I checked, but they seem to only do commercial CD duplication and production.

Posted on December 20, 2005 and filed under Finland, Geek Gear, Tunes.