Holiday Update

Back 'home' in Finland now after a relaxing but busy time 'home' in Vancouver over the holidays. Didn't get a chance to blog at all, although there was lots of activities that were blog-worthy. Just goes to show, sometimes you should just enjoy life instead of documenting it. But to make up for the silence, here's a brief recap of recent events. I kicked off the trip in style with the opening game of the 2006 World Junior Hockey Championships, between the country of my birth and my adopted home (Canada-Finland, for those who haven't been paying attention). True to my conflicted feelings, I wore my Canada jersey and Suomi pipo (photo to follow).

Nice family Christmas with the folks and my brother Greg. Some good loot from Santa, including much needed outdoor gear (both for the upcoming ski trip, and normal life here in Rovaniemi). Blackberry pie for dessert. Yum, my favourite (thanks mom!)

A quick visit over to Victoria with Greg to visit our cousins Kirk and Todd, and uncle Kim, and their families. Keeping the great month of sport going, my bro took me to a Canucks game with his BMW corporate seats-- Row 2! Thanks, Greg!

The fun and chaos really began when Marjo arrived from Prince George (via Victoria), and Marc, Eva, Pere and Isabel arrived from Barcelona (via Calgary). We enjoyed our favourite all-you-can it sushi experience, before leaving for New Years frivolity in Whistler. After meeting my brother and Stacey, we spent New Years Eve at Tommy Africa's, which was actually a lot of fun, and played great 80s music.

After a needed day of recovery (and shopping) we hit the slopes and enjoyed some great sun and powder.

Capping things off the way they started, Marjo and I managed to score some tickets to the bronze medal game of the Junior Championships between Finland and the USA. Centre ice, row 7 no less! Finland comes from behind to surprise the tournament favourite 4-2. No conflict here, Hyvä Suomi!

After the others left there was barely enough time to visit Kristyn and Christer before packing up for home. Next time hopefully things will be a bit more relaxed and I'll have some more time to visit friends in Vancouver. I can't believe how quickly the time passed, and sorry that I didn't get to see more long lost friends.

More photos from the trip in PhotoSpace.

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