BitTorrent VCR

Not long after assembling my fancy new media PC (complete with digital TV card) I realized that downloading TV shows using eMule was easier and less error-prone than recording them digitally myself. The media PC still served as a great multimedia playback platform, and since it is on 24/7, eMule downloads come steady and constant. Probably about half my TV viewing is now via this deferred digital method rather than live. I have a few of my favourite series that I can watch when I feel like it. I get good quality (usually HDTV) copies of shows as soon as their aired in North America (or the UK, as the case may be), rather than waiting for them to be available in Finland. Otherwise, I use analog TV for live sports, local news, or just to have something mindless on. Now comes a new evolution in my setup. I've pretty much ditched eMule in favour of the Azureus BitTorrent client, with the RSS Feed Scanner plugin. Basically, the plugin monitors an RSS feed published by using a set of filters that I create for the torrents of shows I want to grab as they become available. While I can use direct links from Mininova to get older episodes, once I'm caught up all the new eps are automatically downloaded.

So now I'm grabbing the Daily Show, er, daily, without having to manually search for a torrent each time. I'd love it if more torrents of Canadian shows were available, such as The Hour or the old episodes of Da Vinci's Inquest. If anyone has tips on where to find these, I'd be very grateful. Of course with this literal torrent of TV flooding into my media PC, the only problem left with is finding time to watch them all (although I'm already pretty picky about what I watch).

Update: I found one site that surveyed the availability of CBC/Canadian torrent TV content available. Looks like The Hour has been uploaded before, until the faithful uploader's computer broke. :( I was able to find a couple season 2 episodes of Da Vinci's Inquest too. Since Alliance Atlantis aren't releasing anything past season 1 on DVD anytime soon, I have no compunction about downloading them.

Posted on January 24, 2006 and filed under Canada, Geek Gear, Television.