Backpack vs. PBWiki

Among my recent exploration into new tools for personal organization, and calendars I also came across a nifty online 'space' called Backpack. While a fairly simple idea, Backpack lets you easily store and organize all kinds of information on a simple web interface. Some of the killer features are being able to email content to your page, and access it via a mobile device. Despite its myriad of practical uses, the thing I find myself using it most for to keep a list of wines I want to try, which I check with my mobile phone when I'm in the wine store. I also keep all my flight itineraries on a 'travel' page so I have them accessible from anywhere. PBwiki logoAmong the critical comments about Backpack have been 'you could just use a wiki to do that.' Now I figured setting up my own wiki would involve a lot of work, but the folks at PBwiki claim “PBwiki makes creating a wiki as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich”. So I signed up. The fact that I've been signed up with PBwiki for three months and haven't yet created any content there might tell you that Backpack is far easier, but PBwiki does come with much more free storage space.

So, I'm seeking advice from the experts. What content should I be using my wiki for, and what should I be using Backpack for? For staters, I think I'll keep my wine list on Backpack. Let me know your thoughts.

Posted on February 15, 2006 and filed under Organization, Software.