Skype for Symbian 3G

I had only decided this week to upgrade my phone to a nice shiny new 3G Symbian-based smart phone (the Nokia 6680), and now Skype have announced a versrion that runs on the very same kind of phone. While this sounds initially promising, the fact that you'd be paying 3G data rates to get the quality equivalence and latency of a satellite phone (according to the article) leaves a lot to be desired. As I commented before, there are already third party applications to run Skype on a Symbian phone via a client on your PC (over Bluetooth or GPRS). If the quality is ok, I can see myself using this more than a dedicated Skype app. If the quality is ok, you're basically using your phone as a Bluetooth headset to extend Skype on your PC. We'll see how this develops. Now I'm just waiting for the phone. Maybe Agustin, who is in Barcelona for 3GSM, can find out more for me.

Posted on February 17, 2006 and filed under Geek Gear, Mobile, Software.