Depeche Mode in Helsinki

The keen-eyed may have spotted my pics from last night's Depeche Mode gig at Helsinki's Hartwall Arena in the Flickr photo badge. Pretty great show from my all-time favourite band. There was a great omen when I looked at my ticket and discovered I was sitting in seat 101 of section 101! How cool is that? They started with many of the tracks from the new album, Playing the Angel, before getting into the real classic crowd pleasers. A personal treat was the first encore, a kinda 'acoustic' version of Shake the Disease with just Martin and a piano-tuned synth. Pity the finnish crowd wasn't really into the whole crowd participation thing. Hope the band understand cultural differences. Hard to believe it was almost 20 years ago when I saw them for the first time.

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Location : Helsinki
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Posted on March 7, 2006 and filed under Finland, Travel, Tunes.