Google Calendar leaked screenshots

So is the competition in online calendars heating up, or is it now over? After months of rumour and spied links to the fabled Google Calendar (CL2) is reveled by Techcrunch in a series of new screenshots and beta details. For me the sheer weight of Google's popularity will drive membership and development of Google Calendar (it integrates with Gmail), and leave competitors like 30 Boxes, Airset, and CalendarHub in the dust. The power of online calendars is only fully realized through social networks-- your friends, family and coworkers that you are sharing events with -- and Google has one of the biggest networks going thanks to Gmail. Many of the "innovative" features of Google Calendar CL2 appear to be taken directly from upstarts like 30 Boxes, such as the 'QuickAdd' function, which looks like a clone of 30 Boxes' best feature, the 'One Box.'

For me, I'll be happy to share my most intimate scheduling details with Google, provided they support SyncML to sync my online calendar with my SymbianOS phone.

Posted on March 8, 2006 and filed under Mobile, Organization, Software.