Online storage with WebDAV

boxnet.gifIt seems that with the cost of memory storage and bandwidth falling like crazy it is only a matter of time before we have all of our files on remote servers instead of/in addition to our desktops. A number of online storage services are already showing the way. I've been playing around with Streamload since Christmas, but never really being satisfied with a purely web interface for file management. Plus their new (often promised) MediaMax service never seemed to emerge. Still, 25GB of free online storage is nothing to sneeze at (even if the bandwidth limits make it rather difficult to actually use that 25GB). I was looking for a solution where I could save any file to a virtual online drive right from Windows, and it seems that I've found it. also offers free online storage (but only 1GB), and the ability to connect to your account as an online drive in Windows via WebDAV. Normally, you can't map it to a drive letter, but I'm testing a client called WebDrive that allows me to map WebDAV and FTP sites as virtual drives. Just setup a new site under WebDrive as '' (tick Connect Securely), enter your email address and password, and choose a drive letter (W: for Web, of course!). Now you can save files to W: from any program under Windows. Great!

Thanks to Bloody Fingers and Uneasy Silence for the tips!

Posted on June 14, 2006 and filed under Organization, Software.