Yet another redesign

Any better? Since Jay and Teemu both gave the thumbs down to my last redesign, I promised myself to have a new design up by the end of my holidays. Today I just happened to stumble across Andreas Viklund's nice designs and settled on andreas04. The design was turned into a WordPress theme by Tara Aukerman. So I'm going from an Ackermann to an Aukerman. Weird. Although I was ready to adopt any design I found to my own colour scheme, as it happens andreas04 uses almost exactly the orange-blue combination as my header photo. I only needed to modify the entry background image slightly. I really like the full-width design, as I was really tiring of the basic WordPress middle-column style. The overlapping cool blue-grey gradients give it a pretty modern look, I think. And my photo header fits pretty well, though I might still tweak it a little.

Posted on July 21, 2006 and filed under Site Design.