Christmas gift idea

If anyone out there is feeling particularily generous this upcoming holiday season, I've found the perfect gift. Essential Art House - 50 Years of Janus Films is a deluxe collection of fifty classic foreign and 'art house' films plus an illustrated book. This is the same company that the Criterion Collection uses for its catalogue,  and the selection is mighty impressive: 400 Blows, Grand Illuision, Jules and Jim, M, Rules of the Game, Seven Samurai, The Seventh Seal, etc. Basically the greatest films of the greatest directors (Bergman, Fellini, Hitchcock,Truffaut). Amazon has it listed at $649.99, a bargain from its $850 list price. Still, the Criterion versions usually go for $30-40 each, so these actually are pretty cheap at €13 per film.

Posted on November 9, 2006 and filed under Flicks.