March/April Mixtape

I've been irregularly posting new (and old) 'virtual mixtapes' over at FIQL for the past few months. Since my Christmas mix CD, I've started posting (bi)monthly mixtapes of new music and some new discoveries of older stuff. Here's the latest...

A victim of my own ambitions, I suppose. Maybe a fresh playlist every two months is as much as I can hope for. Let's just hope it doesn't slip to quarterly or worse from now on.

Anyway, we again have some of the hottest new tracks, exposed to me from Pitchfork and other music blogs (I know, Pitchfork isn't really a music blog) and my eMusic account. Arizona' The Format was a nice surprise, and there song Time Bomb is most catchy. There are also tracks from the new albums from de rigeur indie artists The Ponys, Apples in Stereo, Andrew Bird, Panda Bear, Menomena, The Rakes, and Blonde Redhead. And in honour of my recent trip to Barcelona and Caqaques, we have Ted Leo & Pharmacists lovely La Costa Brava. To round things out, we have a collection of brilliantly original funk/rock/pop/soul crossover covers from Patti Smith (Gimme Shelter), CCR (I Heard It Through the Grapevine), Isaac Hayes (Walk on By), and Marvin Gaye (I Wish It Would Rain).

Posted on April 27, 2007 and filed under Tunes.