Mixmas 2007

I've been away from the whole virtual mixtape for too long, but there's nothing like the end of the year mad rush of "best of the year" charts to get the creative juices flowing. This year's seasonal songfest is very much a year in progress, as the year seemed to pass without clear standout/breakthrough acts. Clearly, there was some very good music, but nothing quite like the impossible-not-to-tap-your-fingers of 2006's Peter, Bjorn & John, The Knife, or I'm From Barcelona (ok, that's it... not enough new Swedish indie acts in 2007!). Indeed, much of this year's best crop is subdued, brooding, and a wee bit quirky. Also, where the heck was all the listenable top40 pop songs in 2007. Last year Gnarls Barkly, Nelly F, and Justin T all made some pretty sweet tunes even us indie geeks weren't too embarrassed to admit to liking. This year? Nada. Also, much of the highly anticipated follow-ups from big bands like Björk, Interpol, Editors, etc were solid, but nothing special. White Stripes and Radiohead still deliver.

This list is still "in editing mode"... I'm busily looking over the other end of the year lists, like my fellow mix-master jboardley's for inspiration and great artists/tracks/albums that I've overlooked.

Posted on December 15, 2007 and filed under Tunes.