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First photo update: Barcelona

After a seemingly interminable period of travel (Inari, Barcelona, Akureyri, Murmansk) with only scant days in between to wash underwear and repack, I'm finally getting around to putting some of the photos online (and updating the blog, of course). So first up are the photos from the only non-work trip of the bunch, the winter escape to Barcelona and various places Catalan. The Barça-Liverpool Champions League match was all the excuse I needed to go visit Marc and Eva in their newly renovated flat. While the end result of the match wasn't that great, the rest of the trip was. We even got out of the big city for side-trips up to the beautiful coastal town of Cadaques and down to Tarés for a spring calgots (spring onion) party at Dani's. Enjoy all the photos in Photospace.

Posted on April 1, 2007 and filed under Barça, Photos, Travel.

Champions League goes Russia

Who the hell is picking YLE's Champions League games this year, Vladimir Putin? After being on Nelonen for as long as I can remember, Finland's national broadcaster YLE started broadcasting Champions League games this year. YLE will also broadcast two games some weeks. So we can expect to see the likes of Barcelona, Chelsea, Milan, Real Madrid and Lyon, right? Nope. After starting with a predictably boring 0-0 game between PSV and Liverpool, and tonight's Arsenal-Porto game, we'll be treated to five straight games involving Moscow's two Champions League contenders.

We'll kick things off tomorrow with Spartak-Sporting Lisbon, and we'll see Arsenal again against CSKA on Oct 17. Obviously we'd all rather watch the Spartak-Inter game on Hallowen, instead of the ho-hum Chelsea-Barca game that night. I mean, what have those teams done lately? And it's not like there's a big rivalry between them or anything. YLE will wrap up their 2006 broadcasts with... yes, you guessed it CSKA Moscow v. Porto on 21.11 and Spartak-Bayern the day after. Horosho!

I really don't know what's going on. Either YLE wants to have early broadcasts (all the remaining broadcasted games are played in Moscow), wants to save money sending their broadcast team to the home stadium, or Viasat have preference on Champions League games they broadcast. It might be time to get Viasat, or just watch the Barca matches on PCast.

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Saviola staying at Barça?

For some reason Javier Saviola has never gotten a really fair shake at Barça. Rijkaard and/or Laporta seemed to have had it in for him, despite some good performances, especially for Argentina. After spending seasons on loan at Monaco and Sevilla, it seemed Saviola was destined for a permanent move away from Camp Nou. But now after a pretty successful pre-season, Saviola now looks set to stay and fight for a place. I've always liked Saviola, and he was great in the World Cup. Plus, I think Barça need better coverage up front after losing Larsson (and Maxi Lopez).

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