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Bias Lighting for Home Theatre

After reading about Philips' marketing of something they call Ambilight, which creates a diffuse backlighting behind their fancy plasma TVs, I decided to look into the concept behind it (excuse the pun). Turns out the idea of 'bias lighting' is pretty prevalent in the home theatre community. The diffuse light behind the TV reduces eye strain and improves your perception of the TV image by creating another light source in your field of vision. Digging a little deeper, it seemed pretty non-trivial to create my own DIY bias lighting using an old fluorescent light fixture bought from a flea market for €5. I also cleaned up the visual field behind the TV by hiding some wires with cable tubes and a white bed sheet. The experts recommend a 6500 kelvin temperature colour bulb, which I've ordered from the aquarium shop down the street (though the damn thing costs over €20, which throws off my bias lighting on the cheap concept just a bit). bias lightingSo far, even with the standard fluorescent bulb, I can really appreciate the difference when watching TV in the dark, and there's no nasty reflections of the screen that lights in front of the TV create.  I'm not sure that the current position is ideal, though. Right now, the fixture is installed shining down from a shelf behind the TV, though in the future I may attach the fixture directly to the TV stand and have it shine backwards against the wall.

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Ikea Haparanda Webcam

ikea haparandaYou can now check the progress of the northernmost Ikea, being built between Haparanda (Swe) and Tornio (Fin) via webcam (login as guest/bygget). The refresh can be set to as fast as 2fps, so you can see cars driving by over in Tornio, and the little crane moving around. After initial plans to open in summer 2006, the current estimate is 'the end of 2006' which may mean as early as October, but probably in time for the Christmas rush anyway. I can imagine the chaos and carnage already.

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Haparanda Ikea Update

According to Finnish national broadcaster YLE, Ikea started construction of its new store in Tornio-Haparanda yesterday (Monday, Aug 29). The bad news is that the store is now scheduled to open only at Christmas next year, not next summer as I had been led to believe. :( A spokesperson said that they expect one million visitors every year. Jesus, there are barely a million people in all of northern Sweden, Finland, and Norway combined. That said, I'm pretty sure every one of them will be visiting the Ikea store.

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Choose a poster for my bedroom!

I used my fabulous Photoshop skills to see how some posters that I was thinking of buying from would look in my bedroom. I'm still undecided, so I thought I would experiment with a web poll at the same time. Submit your vote below and we'll see which poster(s) I should buy.

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Poster Art

Which poster do you prefer?

Cycles Gladiator
Get both!
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New Furniture

In the finest Fürni tradition, I've added some very versatile solutions for modern living to my flat. With my friend Marc, who needed to furnish his entire order, we split a truck order from Ikea. I kitted out with a new kitchen table & bench, divan couch, wall shelves for the "office", and other assorted sundries. I must say, I'm digging the renewed digs. Plus added incentive to actually keep it tidy. Thanks to the folks for the Christmas gift! More pics of the flat, in PhotoSpace.

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Bedroom Reno

bedroom.jpgThe continuing evolution of my apartment took a bold step forward with... colour! My walls are a very nice and neutral textured beige wallpaper. The bedroom has been the most unfinished part of "the pad," with nothing yet on the walls. What better way to change the look of the room than to splash some colour around. I decided a nice burnt orange would do the trick, and I think it looks rather good. Now I'm reluctant to put any of my old furniture in there. I may look for a new chest, or something to replace the easy chair that I never sit in. I think a couple nice vintage art prints on the walls would complement the new rough orange look, too. Any comments from the amateur (or professional) interior designers out there?

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